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Items that are Prohibited and Restricted to export to UK

Pakistan has a long history of trade with the United Kingdom. The UK is Pakistan’s third largest trading partner, after the United States and China. The UK is Pakistan’s largest export market in Europe and the fifth largest overall. Pakistan’s main exports to the UK include textiles, leather goods, sports goods, and carpets. The UK is also a major market for Pakistani rice. There are a number of items that are prohibited or restricted from being imported into the United Kingdom. These include items that are considered to be a danger to public safety, items that are illegal, and items that are considered to be a risk to the environment.

Restricted Items (Require legal documents/approvals to Export)
Restricted commodities are those that require special authorisation from a government agency before they can be imported or exported. They may be subject to quotas, tariffs, or other trade restrictions.

Prohibited items (illegal/banned to Export)
Prohibited commodities are those that are completely banned from being imported or exported.

Prohibited ItemsRestricted Items
Awais Raza
Awais Raza

Awais Raza is Business Consultant based in Pakistan and Works in Supply Chain and shipping industry. He has a keen interest in helping other exporters to reach international markets.

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