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Export Strategy for Pakistani Exporters

Ready to Open Up Your Brand to New Audiences Across Borders? Let’s Do it Before You Regret - with a Powerful Export Strategy!

With bespoke experience in launching B2B and B2C sectors into new territories, Tejaristan is your partner in generating profitable leads from a new region straight away with a perfect export strategy for your business!

Knock Off Your Competitors One by One with Export Strategy Services Pakistan!

If you are a business exporting different products and services, you must be relying on traditional ways of finding new clients. You may have visited trade shows, found export companies in your niche, or even set up a physical business in the territory to generate some buzz.

But the fact is, ALL of these strategies are FAILED! On top of that, these strategies incur high costs and take plenty of time to enter a new export market.

If you want robust and aggressive growth in an incredibly short time, then creating an online export strategy is your best bet today! Why? Because your customers are online and they are looking for you across social media, online marketplaces, and several digital platforms.

Imagine, your potential customers failed to find you and just clicked your competitor’s website; they even paid exorbitant money for a service that is your main specialty.

A big disappointment for you and your team. Right? Tejaristan can save you from this failure and allow you to knock off your competitors one by one – with a strategy no company can ever execute.

How Do We Develop a Solid Export Strategy to Succeed in Digital Age?

By considering every significant factor, we help you develop a solid export strategy so you can succeed in today’s fast-paced digital age where competitors are ready to knock your socks off.
We develop a strategy by considering certain key aspects

What are Your Goals?

Do you want to boost turnover? Looking for new markets? Want to extend the Lifecycle of your products? Receiving inquiries from the international market and want to educate people about your products? Whatever your goals are, we are here to fulfill them!

Decide Where Your Focus Should Be?
We help you decide which products are likely to perform well in international markets. We also help determine the scope of growth when it comes to selling to a country with different business culture. Our experts thoroughly research markets to ensure robust growth.
Establish Budget
Spell out what you expect to achieve in terms of sales and leads. We draw up your export budget and identify how expenses should be allocated and when to expect huge returns. Our team ensures that your export price covers all the additional costs.

Specific Guidance and Consultation for 200+ types of Businesses

Whether you belong to the textile industry, provide sports equipment across borders, or deal with consumer services and want some international exposure, we are your one-stop shop providing digital marketing services along with guidance and consultation about the international market, shipping, and other factors.

We have done this before and currently doing it for 200+ types of businesses including textile industries, surgical, sports, and other sectors.

No matter whether your export business falls under what category, our team knows what it takes to create a strategy that ensures exponential growth.

Our Export Strategy is Based on…

Reaching the target market through different channels and strategies such as


We ensure that you rank at the top, even above your competitor’s website

Social media marketing

We spread positive brand awareness through social media marketing across different channels.

Online campaign management

Running different online campaigns is our specialty and road to success

Reputation and branding

We manage your reputation and branding while following the latest tactics

Digital advertising

Launch ads campaigns on digital platforms to get relevant clicks and leads


Our team Runs PPC ads for your export business to get exposure, visibility, leads, and sales!

Benefits of Our Export Strategy Services

When you join hands with us, you can expect a myriad of things for your proven growth and success!

What Makes us a Reliable Partner on the Road Ahead?

Frequently Asked Questions:

A good exporting strategy depends on your time, energy, money, focus, and commitment. Above all, you need a solid action plan from a professional export marketing company. If you have all these elements, then surely you are on the path to success.

We take several steps and create a lot of strategies to ensure quick success and growth. We seek domestic buyers who can export the product and also join hands with international buyers using different online platforms for selling your products. Based on your requirement, we create plans for exporting directly or indirectly through intermediaries.

Yes. We have been working for years and have a team of dedicated experts who know what it takes to create a strategy in today’s cutthroat competition. Moreover, we have worked with almost every sector in Pakistan and ensured unlimited success and growth for new and existing exporters.

We include every latest strategy such as SEO, social media marketing, brand management, reputation management, and much more.

Export businesses are a bit more challenging that other traditional businesses in Pakistan. You need a solid action plan, in-depth research, expertise, and strong connections in foreign markets so you can establish a perfect brand’s growth. Now all these things take some time. So, you have to wait for at least 5-6 months for streamlined results and revenue generation.

Generate More Leads and Sales with Our Digital Marketing Services

We know how to reach to the right target and help you build your business faster.